Smuggling – Myth vs. Reality

Myth vs. Reality

 The smuggling as a model of overcoming the dichotomies such as private-collective, hidden-public, official-non-official, proved-unproved, true-false etc. with a strong argument inherited from the past – smuggling has always been one of the main sources of housekeeping economies. Yet, being illegal, there is a lack of official data regarding it; instead, it is more familiar by way of retold narratives and hidden hi(stories) than as an official fact. Therefore, it is usually rejected as hearsay, considered ‘personal’ as irrelevant, nearly mythical, and finally dismissed as highly improbable. Hence, the project is encouraged to rehabilitate meta-historical matters as part of our cultural heritage.

Those who have been smuggling have done it for the sake of survival and not for a welfare or surplus stock.

Shadow economy vs. Creativity

In the traditional sense of the word, in terms of trade, smuggling allowed people to compensate the lack; moreover, to take an advantage of limitations – borders, confines, boundaries, walls. Thus, smuggling implies creativity.

The project will include those who will testify of smuggling as a creative economy of the past: historians, theoreticians, testimonies.

Not only as trade but also on the level of the historical, philosophical (ontological) issues we can find the traces of smuggling. Already in the Classical period of Greek philosophy, rhetoric became a matter of art. There was no doubt, making an argument of a lie, in order to deny the truth for the sake of a lie, was more than merely a skill, it was rather a royal doing. Smuggling the data by distorting facts and skipping from the realm of Truth to the realm of Lie, reached its peak in the 20th century, with the media society.

The criticism of the mass media refers to the impossibility of immediate verification eventually done by the audience; thus, it makes it legitimate to argue that the data create/simulate the reality itself. One can say the media society abolished the traditional difference between a truth and a lie as the mainstays of the Classical thought of the western world.

There are facts lost/hidden behind the official truth, whether as a disavowal or as forgotten information.

One of those is the smuggling which belongs to shadow economy. How can we know that our opinion is also not smuggled by someone? Where are we? Are we dissolved in a society where information has taken power over our common sense?

eulogo   “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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