Franc Trček – (Post)transitional Identity Contraband?

The notation of smuggling is usually connected with creativity in the filed of economy. On one side we have regimes, administration, rules, borders etc. and on the other side we have groups and individuals often in the trap of new political circumstances in the macro-region who are trying hard to find the way of survival. In stories about big smugglers in the game we too often forget the majority of the small ones in contraband games. Contraband is not only the (meta)story about illegal trade and people smuggling. One important hidden are of smuggling is also identity contraband.

The new sewing of territorial borders and with new territorial and political order associated changes in the physiognomy of political power usually means also that some individuals and groups have to re-sew “jacket” of their own identities. The cruel hierarchy of identities are pushing some individuals and groups in a position where they withhold some of their own identity anchorage. In an attempt of conceptualization of the identity smuggling I will first talk about my own experience of being thrown into the position of identity contraband. In the second part of my talk I will analyze fiction of post Hemon/Jergović generation of so-called (semi)nomadic Bosnian authors. Their novels in which they describe the experience of teenage refugees on the outskirts of European metropolitan cities are a great example for the analysis of neglected identity smuggling.


eulogo   “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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