Ana Smokrović – Human Organ Trafficking

From the beggining of the 1980s organ transplantation became the common medical procedure thanks to the Cyclosporin – an imunosupressor which enables the rejection of the transplanted organ. Usually the act of organ transplantation is associated with altruism, but the question here is what happens when act of organ donation is being perceived from a different point of view – by focusing on the category of class?

If the possibility of organ transplantation is contextualized and situated into today’s global, neo-liberal market, we surely can talk about organ trade and therefore about organ trafficking. Looking from that perspective, we have a network of global trafficking based on inequality and exploitation of poor non-white bodies where human organs are commodified and stand as autonomous object with a price-tag. Here the dichotomy person/thing becomes fluid and surely we can talk about “bio-piracy”.

eulogo   “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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