Simona Sušec – The Smuggled Object and the Concept of Commodity

smuggling object

Smuggling did not receive serous conceptual consideration before modern political theories declined classical model of political theory, which was based on the institution of law. These theories mostly strongly rejected conceptual sketches of classical economic thought of nineteenth century, especially of Marxism. However, it seems that neither modern political theory nor (neo)classical economy can explain the economical function of different forms of contemporary smuggling (human traffic, internet piracy etc.) and the specifically contemporary demonization of smugglers (the decline of hero-smuggler in pop culture, glorification of police control, the control from below etc.). In my paper, I shall locate historical and conceptual reasons for the deficiency of both approaches in question, point out several consequently false conclusions, and suggest several starting-points for conceptualisation of smuggled object, based on (and differed from) the concept of commodity.


eulogo   “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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