Smuggling Anthologies – Schedule

smuggling logo_krugMuseum of modern and Contemporary Art

22/10 – 4/12/2013, Opening: 7 pm

Exhibition > Museum of modern and Contemporary Art & Mali salon

22/10 – 4/12/2013, Opening: 7 pm

Symposium > 23 – 24/10/  > Astronomical Center Rijeka

Sveti Križ Hill 3 km from the Rijeka city centre

23/10/   10 am – 01 pm

Dragica Čeč, Smuggling as a way of survival in the Early Modern Age
Cristiano Berti,  Black Torino: Iye Omoge and other stories
Franc Trček, (Post)transitional Identity Contraband?
Ana Smokrović,  Human Organ Trafficking
Aleksandra Lazar, From grey to pale: reflections on freedom and creativity before and after
accession towards the culture industry
Lunch break  01 – 03 pm
03 – 05 pm
Simona Sušec, The Smuggled Object and the Concept of Commodity
Robert Tasnádi, Crossroads of Iron Curtain
Melita Richter, Memories of living with/beyond the border

24/10/10 am – 01 pm

Ksenija Šabec, Smuggling in the 20th century through the life stories of Idrija residents
Damir Medved, Rijeka’s Intangible Heritage
Mira Hodnik, Smugglers of mercury ore in the 18th century

Performance 24/10 at 7 pm

Krešo Kovačiček & associates: Tobacco Standard
Terminal, Railway bridge, 24/10 at  7 pm

Exhibition > Mali salon, 14/11 – 4/12/2013

Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, opening at 7 pm

Art kino Croatia > 18. – 20/11 at 8.30 pm, documentaries

18/11 Moja granica, authors: Nadja Velušček i Anja Medved
19/11 Raskršća željezne zavjese, author: Robert Tasnádi
20/11 Ariel, authors: Ivo Deković, Igor Kirin, Nikola Ukić

The project continues in 2014 in the Municipal Museum Idrija (Slovenia) and Trieste Contemporanea (Italy)

eulogo   “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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