Krešo Kovačiček & Associates – Tobacco Standard


„A chameleon died from exhaustion, put on tartan“, Oscar Wilde.

Performance at Marine Terminal, railway bridge
Music by Damir Stojnić
Recording and Arangement by Miro at Filip’s
Video & Visuals by Kristian Vučković
Aditionls and support by Zoran Krema
Lights by Mrki
Logistic by MMSU
Thanks to Port authority of Rijeka

…..Tobacco smuggling in order to sign or emphasize the market and constant exchange. But also daily survival in divided city. Historical illegal market, but also our daily illegal tobacco market which is now (like in history) Bosnia – that is where we got things mach cheaper.
Ivo Andrić was only one who recoded this exchange between famous Bosnian tobaccos and Rijekan cigarette papers – quite known as famous and being the 3rd world renowned cigarette paper. Andrić wrote in his novel about this exchange where the custom officers investigated on purpose the gay they know. He swallowed a bunt of cigarette paper which causes immediate dehydration. So he had to jump into the River where he proved his guilt but saved his life. This is one scene from the border in Rijekan daily smugglers situations and is a memory of our past.
Performance is meant to be site specific as mention before where actually the border was. The location is quite loaded with memory, so we approach with respect. It is the green steel bridge that was movable, and once there was frontier.
In performance, one group of people at one side of the bridge facing another – only in order to prove constant exchange. This is a basic scene. Central scene has symbolic significance and interprets moment of swallowing a bunt of cigarette paper (beside Andrić, hit is a bit of Jean Genet re – visiting our city where he was imprisoned…once)….

Location: The arrival of the railway in the city built several railway bridges. In that time were built two drawbridges – one at the turn of the Dead canal to the Porto Baroš in 1896. Bridge are destroyed by D’Annunzio soldiers during the Bloody Christmas or the so-called “five days of Rijeka,” cinque giornate di Fiume in December of the 1920s. Several years later, the ruins of the old bridges were built new – first tentative, then constant, as was the border bridge between ltaly and Yugoslavia opened in the1926.

In a kind of confussion and unselting move, some particles come to a fore and then, precisely – since organised in a different manner – sliding a bit off, trough ludic mode – they start to show that things you see are not those ones that matter – it is a bussines that goes on underneath and noone seems to bother….A traditional shadow play and a vital drive for „more to life“ urge – disclose only a symptom of the situation that is standard – there is enough to provide trough exchange…Where there are borders – you can expect transgression – as no rule could ever limit it. (No ideology where „every day is like survival“- Boy George/Culture club).

eulogo “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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