Sudionici riječkog simpozija / Participants in Rijeka Symposium

Aleksandra Lazar – From grey to pale: reflections on freedom and creativity before and after accession towards the culture industry

Ana Smokrović – Human Organ Trafficking

Cristiano Berti – Iye Omoge

Franc Trček – (Post)transitional Identity Contraband?

Melita Richter- Memories of living with/beyond the border

Mira Hodnik – Smugglers of mercury ore in the 18th century

Róbert Tasnádi – Crossroads of the Iron Curtain

Simona Sušec – The Smuggled Object and the Concept of Commodity

Udruga Bez granica – Nonićeva tiramola

eulogo “With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union”

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